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No current events. Please email Jan at jan@tantricjoy.com for current offerings. Namaste.





The Bay Area Tantric Meetup Group Presents . . .
"What Is Tantra?"
Evening Class Series for Singles and Couples

with Jan Robinson, Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga Instructor

Date: Once a month, Friday evenings (see list of dates above)

Time: 7:30-9:30pm

Cost: only $20 per class!

Location: Rudramandir - Center for Spirituality and Healing, Berkeley, CA
Registration: Click Here for detailed class descriptions, and online registration and payment

The "What Is Tantra?" Series is a 6-part series designed to introduce you to the essence of Tantra Yoga, its spiritual practice and application for everyday life and relationship. It's for singles and couples and individuals of all sexual orientations.

Each month we will explore a different aspect of Tantra. By the end of the series you will have gained a solid foundation to enjoy your own individual tantric daily spiritual practice, tantric lovemaking with a beloved, keys to living in bliss on a daily basis.

Class #1  "The Ipsalu Formula: A Method for TantraBliss"

Class #2  "Awakening to Presence: The Key to Knowing Your True Self"

Class #3  "The Bliss of Breath: The Ultimate Tool for Expanding Consciousness and Ectatic Pleasure"
Class #4  "Pranic Magic: Discovery and Perception of the Pranic Body and Subtle Energy "

Class #5  "Free Yourself from Limitations: The Spiritual Value of Emotions"

Class #6 "The Yoga of Sex: The Art of Conscious Lovemaking"

Participation in the entire series recommended. So, mark your calendar today!
(Drop-in also welcome)


Ipsalu Tantra Community Gathering (Satsang)

Open to graduates of the Ipsalu Tantra Cobra Breath Level 1 Course

Date: TBA

Time: 7:30-9:30pm

Cost: Love donations welcome

Location: Jan's Place in Berkeley. Address in Berkeley provided with RSVP

Please RSVP with Jan: jan@tantricjoy or call 510-469-8268.

The Satsangs are special Ipsalu community gatherings that take place quarterly. Satsang means "to gather in truth" or to share spiritual practice. It is a great opportunity to share what's present in your life, ask questions, review techniques, re-energize your practice, connect and share with others in your tantric spiritual family in a real and authentic way. It is a sanctuary to be seen for the Magnificent Divine Being that you are, to be embraced in both your humanness and your divinity!

Description of Evening:

7pm: Level 2 Cobra Breath Review

7:30pm: Level 1 Cobra Breath Review, Ipsalu Formula and Play in the Heart Space

9:30pm-10:15pm: Share healthy food & drink, enjoy relaxing in the sacred sensual bliss vibration together  

What gifts have come into your life as a result of your last Ipsalu Workshop and/or the Cobra Breath practice? I look forward to hearing from you and being together again in the spirit of Namaste!
Many Blessings, Jan


"5 Secrets to Rev Up Your Sex Drive"

Evening Workshop with Jan
(New class in the Honeymoon Spirit Series)

Dates: Thursday, April 21 and Friday, April 22

Time: 7:30-9:30pm

Cost: Full Scholarships Available ($97 value)

Location: Berkeley (Thursday) and Palo Alto (Friday)

Online Registration: www.honeymoonspirit.com


"In Just 2 Hours, I'll Show You How to Boost Your Sex Drive So You Can Rejuvenate Desire, Passion, and Sexual Pleasure Easily and Naturally!"

Come to the 2-Hour Workshop: “5 Secrets to Rev Up Your Sex Drive~ for Women 40+”

You will learn:

* how to get those "honeymoon-phase" feelings again with your mate in just a minute a day

* the TRUTH behind why so many women struggle with low libido
* the 5 keys to ignite intense arousal and desire that are virtually unknown to most women
* 3 tantric techniques to generate your own sexy spark and take charge of your turn-on!
* a surefire effective communication technique to get your man to eagerly do ANYTHING you want ; )


Berkeley, CA. Thursday, April 21. 7:30-9:30pm
Palo Alto, CA. Friday, April 22. 7:30-9:30pm

Click www.honeymoonspirit .com for more information and registration.

Much Love, Jan
Relationship & Sexual Intimacy Mentor

“You *Can* Revive Your Sex Drive, Regardless of Your Stage of Life”

Click www.honeymoonspirit .com *now* to complete your scholarship application and reserve your space! Seating is limited.


Secrets of Touch for Intimacy
Valentine's Day Playshop for Couples


Date: Sunday, February 13

Time: 1-4pm

Cost: $97/couple

Location: Heartwalker Studio, Oakland, CA

Registration: Click Here for more information and online registration

Looking for a Unique & Sexy Valentine's Gift for Your Sweetheart?

What if you could give your sweetie a fun, special, and memorable experience that helped you both to:

Feel closer and more connected

Experience increased passion and romance

Unleash your sensuality

Relax and rejuvenate

Have more fun as a couple


Whether you want to inspire romance, share more pleasure, rev up your partner's erotic engine, or just relax...

sensual massage may be just the healthy injection that your relationship is looking for!

The Valentine's Day holiday is really about celebrating the love you have for each other, expressing that love, and enjoying spending some special time together.

So, that is why we created this special playshop for couples, "Secrets of Touch for Intimacy"

Click Here for more information and online registration


The Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga
Level 1 Weekend Intensive
"Learning to Live in Bliss"

In just 2 days, I'm going to share with you the techniques and methods that will help you
re-discover your true essential nature, access more ecstatic and profound spiritual states than ever, to deepen intimacy, and reconnect love and sex.

It's my great pleasure to invite you to a weekend event that will change how you look at yourself, your love relationships and your life...FOREVER

It's Your Time to:

"Learn to Live in Bliss"
Release Your Limitations - Re-Discover Your Magnificence

March 22-24, 2013

in Berkeley, CA

"Learning to Live in Bliss" is not just another event to leave you in "information overload" and no real changes in your life...this event will "course correct" your life so that you can see exactly HOW to manifest the vision your soul has for you.

This Dynamic Weekend Event is for You if You Want to...

  • Experience the fulfillment of growing spiritually while expanding your capacity for sensual joy and sexual ecstasy.
  • Unleash your full creative expression, passion, and aliveness.
  • Develop your feminine radiance as a woman, or your deep masculine consciousness as a man, to become more magnetic and charismatic in your business and intimate relationships.


Here's just a TASTE of what you'll learn:

  • The Cobra Breath, a powerful breath and energy technique that awakens your third eye and transforms sexual energy into greater vitality, joy, creativity and spiritual awakening.
  • Tantric sex techniques to unlock the ecstatic potential of expanded lovemaking (that can transport you to new dimensions of consciousness)

  • The biggest mistake people make when trying to move beyond their ego, that actually keeps you stuck in separation
  • A quick and effective 5-step method for unforgettable lovemaking and a daily spiritual practice that brings out your highest potential and greatest feelings of bliss
  • Learn how to (finally!) still your mind, release tensions and judgment within minutes so you can be truly present with your beloved.
  • The proven steps to safely awaken your cosmic consciousness, kundalini
  • And--if you ever feel blocked by emotional issues that hold you back from success, you'll learn what's happening and how to get "unstuck" and back into the flow so that you can shine, live freely and authentically, and be empowered to manifest your heart's desires.


In the workshop, suitable for both singles and couples, you'll find yourself playing with subtle energy, sharing energies with others, finding a sense of inner unity, feeling at one with God. The mood is fun and playful and at the same time deep and profound.

(While sexual techniques for spiritual awakening and enhanced lovemaking are included in the course, explicit practices are reserved for your private time, alone or with a partner.)

Space IS limited to 24 participants, so be sure to save your seat. If you are feeling that buzz of excitement and KNOW that this is your next step to evolving sexually and spiritually and becoming the most authentic and magnificent YOU that you came here to be, register today.

Date: March 22-24, 2013
Location: Rudramandir, Center for Healing and Spirituality
- $395/per person
- $695/per couple
- $195/reviewer

Includes course fee, take home materials, practice CD, healthy snacks and ongoing support. Meals and accomodations not included.

Contact: Jan at jan@tantricjoy.com

ADD TO CART by Clicking the Appropriate Button Below:

Individual Tuition - $395
Couples Tuition - $695
Reviewer's Tuition - $195

Then Click HERE to Complete Online Registration Form

See you at the course!

Yours in Divine Love and Consciousness,
Jan Robinson, International Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga Trainer

“Learn the Cobra Breath. Become a beacon in the darkness.”

~Bodhi Avinasha, founder, Ipsalu Tantra International

"Tantra is much more than glorified sex.  Sexual Energy becomes a powerful tool for awakening True Self.  You can live in bliss by just removing the obstructions.  When the mind is still and the body flowing with primal energy, something remarkable happens-an alchemical merging of spirit and matter.  You embody God and realize the presence of the Divine in all aspects of life." ~ Bodhi Avinasha

Participant Testimonials
Frequently Asked Questions

* * *

Would you like to schedule an Ipsalu Tantra Level 1 course in your area? Please contact Jan to find out how you can become a sponsor and bring this powerful tantra workshop to your community.

Tantra 101
FREE Evening Program (+ FREE Gift!)

with Jan Robinson, Ipsalu Tantra Instructor

Date: TBA 

Time: 7:30-9:30pm

Cost: FREE! (a $5-10 love donation suggested to help cover cost of venue)  

Location: Rudramandir Center for Healing and Spirituality, Berkeley, CA


Tantra 101
FREE Evening Program (+ FREE Gift!)

with Jan Robinson, Ipsalu Tantra Instructor

Date: TBA 

Time: 7:30-9:30pm

Cost: FREE! (a $5-10 love donation suggested to help cover cost of venue)  

Location: Rudramandir Center for Healing and Spirituality, Berkeley, CA

*Curious about Tantra?*

Have you ever wished that someone could just tell you in plain simple English WHAT IS TANTRA exactly and how it can benefit you (besides the obvious GREAT SEX benefits)? Finally the time has come...

What if you could naturally and consistently:

  • Be your true, authentic self, easily and effortlessly
  • Feel emotionally clear and balanced
  • Be more playful and spontaneous in your life
  • Have better relationships - with yourself, your intimate partner, with Spirit
  • Enjoy deeper lovemaking experiences

How would that change your life? How much happier would you be?

In this special evening workshop learn 5 practical ways to enjoy more of each of those benefits in your life - RIGHT AWAY - with simple yet powerful tantric techniques to get you started.

It's the perfect taste of tantra - from a true expert - and it's free! (a $5-10 love donation welcome to help cover cost of venue)

You'll also be eligible to receive a complimentary gift ($47 value) just by being at the workshop. I want to support you as fully as I can in getting started on your own path of sensual, embodied spirituality.

Singles, couples, all sexual orientations welcome! Classes are held in a safe, sacred, loving environment. No nudity or explicit sexual activity. You may, however, learn about sacred sexual techniques you can practice at home.

~ You will leave the class feeling a renewed and inspired you! ~

* * *
Testimonials from past participants:

“Inspiring, and really good energy. Jan is wonderful at raising it! : ) ” ~Eric Armstrong

“Shakti Jan was authentic, knowledgeable and an adept group leader.” ~Julie in Oakland

“New to Tantra, this meetup was a powerful spiritual connection with others. I experienced no sense of competition or 'better than,' rather a happy awe at where everyone is.” ~Max Valenzuela


Level 1 Cobra Breath Review
with Jan Robinson, Ipsalu Tantra Instructor


-Thursday, May 19

-Wednesday May 25

-Thursday, October 27
-Wednesday, November 2


Cost: FREE! (you simply pay the normal long distance phone charges)

Location: Your Phone

Pre-Registration Required: Please email jan@tantricjoy.com to RSVP and receive your phone number and access code
Call Instructions: Please email Jan jan@tantricjoy.com for phone number and access code

Review Cobra Breath Level 1 and ask questions about your Ipsalu Practice.


"Making Progress on the Path of Ecstasy: FireBreath Orgasm"

Date: Thursday, February 17
Time: 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Location: Camouflage ("The Sexiest Shop in Santa Cruz")
Cost: FREE!
Registration: Register in advance by emailing your full name and phone number to: events@camouflagesc.com, or calling the store at 831-423-7613.

Join Tantra experts Jan Robinson and Lucas Lehman for a powerful workshop at Camouflage. They will help you learn a powerful method to generating and containing more sexual energy in your body! Increased sexual energy allows more orgasmic energy to move through you by removing blocks and transmuting sexual energy into higher, blissful vibrations!

In this fiery Tantra Workshop learn:
~The number one secret to mind-blowing sex
~The 3 keys to Tantric Ecstasy
~The FireBreath Orgasm

*Benefits of the Tantric FireBreathing Method:

  • The rush of sexual energy in FireBreath cleanses the subtle energy system, stimulating and awakening the chakras. Once the energy is flowing smoothly, orgasm can be experienced in any chakra.
  • The FireBreath frees up the natural orgasmic response and is wonderful technique for women who have never experienced orgasm.
  • Increase your arousal. Five minutes of FireBreathing will leave you totally aroused, even without your partner's help. You can be orgasmic at any time.
  • Learn to distribute orgasmic energy throughout the whole body and being. This practice could provide your first full-body orgasmic experience!

This is a clothes-on solo practice; no partner needed. Join us for this sensational tantric breath and energy practice!

*Space is limited to 20 guests so please register early. You can sign up by emailing your full name and phone number to: events@camouflagesc.com, or calling the store at 831-423-7613.


Level 1 Testimonials:

It was a mind-blowing experience that I have thought about everyday since it ended. This is a safe place to begin a process of self-discovery. Jan is a great guide.

~Andy, Truckee, CA

* * *

"Transformational!" That's the only way to describe my experience of the Ipsalu Level 1 retreat. I feel such a profound sense of personal freedom and I don't think I've ever been this close to living up to my full potential before. I finally feel as through I'm getting to know who I am at a very deep level. . . . It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. 

Jan, I really want to thank you. I'm eternally grateful for your Loving presence, your intuition, and your ability to create a safe, sacred space for healing to happen. What rare and beautiful qualities these are. I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to experience this magical process, twice!

With deep love and gratitude,
~Austin, Boulder Creek, CA

* * *

Jan, you are amazing, inspiring, radiant. Ipsalu has offered a way to change my universe. I crave more and more experiences with you and the other beautiful people of Ipsalu.

~Lauren, Truckee, CA

* * *

As an experienced seeker, I am delighted to have received these powerful new tools. The Ipsalu Daily Practice is a true gift of energy transformation and enlightenment! Thank you.  

As a facilitator, Jan Robinson imbues her insights and experience with such clarity and playfulness that participants can relax into, embrace, and enjoy the process of transformation. She is a beautiful being who lives authentically and powerfully.

~Barbara, Alameda, CA
Author of The Sudden Caregiver: Surrendering to Enlightenment.

 * * *

I have a sense of the payoff . . . bliss is attainable! 

 * * *

Jan made talking about sexuality so normal and easy. I am grateful to have had that taboo crushed forever. 

~Alaina, Truckee, CA

 * * *

My life was forever changed during the Level 1 weekend and now I understand the secret . . . The Secret was that my own sexual currents and energies are the most powerful untapped, unused, unknown aspect of my Divine Nature. I felt the entire course was a transmission of divine knowledge and love that touched my Heart, filled my body with Bliss and brought my Soul to Ecstasy. I am so grateful for Ipsalu Tantra and for the magnificent beings that enlighten the world with this gift!

Highest Blessings and Love to you, Jan
~Fred, Menlo Park, CA

 * * *

I encourage anyone that is looking for answers to life, love, and happiness to attend the Ipsalu Level 1 course. The weekend (even the second time around) was full of many lessons and methods to allow myself to awaken to the Truth inside of me. This is a great way to begin to embody tantric practices. The power of the group experience was also wonderful.

~Brad, Hayward, CA

  s c h e d u l e  a  w o r k s h o p  w i t h  j a n !

Tantric Salon

Schedule an evening workshop with Jan at your own private residence. Create a fun, sensual, and enlightening evening – or perhaps a series of evenings – for you and your friends! It’s easy to do. Classes are about 2 hours in length with an exciting array of class topics to choose from. Available within the local San Francisco Bay Area. Please email Jan for program availability and more information.

Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga Level 1  Weekend Intensive ~ "Learning to Live in Bliss"

Schedule an Ipsalu Tantra Level 1 course in your area. Please contact Jan to find out how you can become a sponsor and bring this powerful tantra workshop to your community.  

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