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  b i o g r a p h y

When I became a student of Tantra I entered into a period of new awakening. For the very first time, I was able to establish a real sense of balance in my life - emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual - a goal I'd had since the age of 14.

I first started to learn Tantra in 1999 when I left my graduate studies at U.C. Berkeley. Before then I had led a life based upon the all-American values of ambition, competition, and goal-oriented success. I was good at it too! Growing up in a household where love and good communication were at a deficit, this became my life strategy. It was a way to cope and to gain the recognition and approval I wanted so badly. Filling my life with books, music, and sports meant not having to feel thepain ofsocialawkwardness and my inability to find love, connection, and visibility.

As my doctoral work in musicology drew to a close, a cloud of depression loomed over me. I was chronically late, missed important deadlines, and let down my professors and colleagues. Those who knew me, knew something was amiss. My "all-American" strategy was in the midst of breakdown and it took an ever increasing toll on me and my well-being.

After I left graduate school, I enrolled in massage school - just for the joy of it! It was a school and that made me feel safe, but this school was unlike any I knew. It was like being a kid again, getting to learn by doing, playing, following my natural energy flow. For the next few years I played in various massage schools, at the Body Electric School, at psychic school, and I made new friends and found new love relationships. Even though I did not know "what I was going to do with my life," I found myself living in a way that was rich and fulfilling as never before.

I was living in the moment.

My experiences at the Body Electric School transformed my relationship to myself, my body, and to other women. This was the first place where I discovered others who, like me, believed that sexuality is sacred!

I began to learn and experience more about sacred sexuality and Tantra.

One of my first, most profound awakenings in Tantra took place during a practice session at the first level of Tantra teacher training in Hawaii. (Tantric healing sometimes works like Liquid Drano: a potent volume of love is introduced from the outside, flows through all of your energy channels, and flushes all the clogs and debris in its path. At the right time, love drives anything unlike itself to the surface to be healed and released.) The evening of my healing session, my partner - whose every look, gesture, word, and touch brimmed with love - filled me with a quality of unconditional love that flipped a switch in my heart. I no longer felt my heart was in a state of deficit, shy and isolated, with hardly enough love for even myself. A new, unending source of love had emerged from deep within me.

I love to help others improve the quality of their lives. Although we live in a culture of wonderful material abundance, the real source of joy and contentment in life lies in those things on which no one can put a pricetag: love and grace, fulfilling relationships, the beauty of nature, spiritual and sexual ecstasy, etc. Once our basic needs and comfort levels are met, we must look beyond the material to find what is truly valuable and meaningful to us. Tantra opens us to the priceless experiences in life. When we become awake through spiritual practice and learn to live and love well, we see the quality of our lives improve by quantum leaps.

As a Tantra educator, I am also a "Goddess advocate." The world needs the energy of the Goddess, bringing healing not only to us as individuals and our relationships, but also on a global scale, naturally promoting world peace and the healing of our planet.

Tantra is a way for both men and women to reconnect with the Goddess, by experiencing their own divine inner feminine. My vision is a world of expanded Goddess energy, where women love and enjoy their bodies and men connect with their own inner feminine to deliciously complement their divine masculine essence, where honoring the female principle through practices like sacred spot massage becomes the norm.

Teaching the skills of Tantra is a way for me to contribute in a positive way to the world. The benefits radiate out like the expanding concentric circles when a pebble drops into water: One Tantric lover will touch the life of at least one other who will touch the lives of others, and so on and on and on.

Tantra gives me a framework within which to live life by my own values. It supports balance, presence, abundance, open-heartedness, the courage to change, the challenge to be real, and the discovery of the sacred in all of life's aspects. Each of us is a spirit in a body, and the Tantric path allows me to be the most ecstatic spirit in a body that I know!

My story goes on as I continue to learn and grow on my own, with my friends, partners, students, and in community.

How will the story of your Tantric awakening unfold for you?

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  c r e d e n t i a l s

Jan, M.A., C.M.T., is an accomplished tantra educator, certified through the Source School of Tantra and Tantrika International. Her teachers include renowned American Tantra masters Charles Muir and Bodhi Avinasha. Jan is a certified Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga teacher and Cobra Breath initiate. She is the founder of Bay Area Ipsalu Tantra.

Recognizing the body and its energies as a gateway to the Divine, Jan assists others to integrate sexuality into the wholeness of their being. Jan teaches classes and has an on-going private practice in Berkeley providing transformational coaching in tantra and intimate mentoring training to individuals and couples.

Jan is a practicing Certified Massage Therapist (C.M.T.) trained in Swedish and deep tissue massage, reflexology, and acupressure.

She is an Assistant Minister of the Church of Divine Man, having completed an intensive clairvoyant training and psychic healing program through the Berkeley Psychic Institute. Jan maintains a regular practice of meditation, tai ji, Qigong, yoga, and ecstatic living. She brings warmth, enthusiasm, joy, love, focus, integrity, and authenticity to her much-loved vocation as a teacher and healer.

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  c l i e n t   t e s t i m o n i a l s

I can never say thank you enough for what you have given me. It is far more than a gift, it is my Self. I am beginning to experience what I was born to be. --Rick

Jan opens doors I did not know existed. Her ability to make the first-timer feel at ease and safe to let go provides an ideal setting to explore new territory. I was brought to a new understanding of the power and reach of sex and discovered a place of sensation truly that can only be described as magic, a buzzing that filled my body, consciousness and spirit. I was beside myself during and once the experience had ended. Like emerging from a cave introduced to the ocean, snow, or the sun: laughing with delight. Jan is a mellifluous joy and guide. What I had expected as a one time experience has transformed into a new area of study. --M.B.A., Entrepreneur, Jason

Hi Jan-- Deb and I wanted to express our appreciation (again!) for the extraordinary session we had with you on Wednesday. The introduction you guided us through on Tantric Love was beautiful and we intend to incorporate it into our lovemaking and quiet moments on a regular basis from here on out. Your sensitivity and passionate manner were most impressive. You made us feel so comfortable and at ease. At times, through your guidance, it only felt like Deb and I were in the room together. This will, no doubt, enhance our overall approach toward divine intimacy and enjoyment of one another in the future. --Ken and Deb

This tantra class ["Tantra On-Going"] was one of the best experiences of my life. I have learned very lovely practical exercises, new concepts I didn't even know before. --Afsin

Hi Jan - Just wanted to thank you again for our appointment yesterday. It was indeed a safe space, which allowed me to relax, and that combined with your warmth and generosity of spirit made it a life-affirming experience for me. --Michael

Hi Jan, . . . Thank you for making it so easy to enter that sacred realm for myself & for my lover Gordon. Ecstatic times followed. I hope this will not be our only visit, but in any event it revealed a new and amazing path for us to explore. With deep appreciation, --Kathy

Jan's unique presence assures an experience that almost defies description. An exceptionally talented woman, whose guidance along spiritual and physical planes is done with such love, tenderness and care that, in her presence, I wished time would stand still. Her presence, her voice, her choice of words and each breath she takes creates and radiates an environment of safety and playfulness ... all the better for encouraging my adventure of a journey into my self. Jan has wisdom beyond her years. She conveys ideas and methods with such clarity that the potential for profound change is mine and within my grasp. --Don

Hi Jan, Thanks for the workshop! ["Awakening the Goddess"] . . . It is the greatest thing to feel a woman's energy rise like that! I've studied a bit of tantra, and am generally very sensitive. I was very much in sync with my partner. I could feel the energetic flow between us - comforting, exciting, loving. Our hearts were so open afterwards. I still feel it tonight. Love, Trey

Dear Jan: . . . I’ve worked years at accepting myself, but in two sessions with you, I have a new level of non-judgment about myself that has opened the door to a new level of freedom. Words cannot express my gratitude. I miss your energy, your deliberateness, and your dedication to not only your path but to others'. Love, Marshall

I came to see Jan for a 3-hour session with her to help me overcome years of frustration due to my inability to connect sensually with women I desired. Those precious moments with her truly transformed my life in exactly the way I had hoped, and in many unexpected ways too!

Jan taught me several powerful but subtle techniques. The results were mind-blowing, to say the least! It literally transformed the guy, who for twenty-some years had always been the "platonic friend"-type and gave off "desperate" vibes, to a man with seemingly limitless Shiva energy. . . a number of beautiful women approached me over a weekend course I took and shared that I had an "amazing energy", a "spiritual glow", a "loving aura." . . . All I can say to this is WOW--Thank You, Jan!! You made me realize that there is more sexual power within my own being than I could ever want or need, and it is just waiting to be expressed in the most loving and respectful way--a life-changing experience that you so lovingly guided me through!You have given me the gift of confidence with women, a confidence far beyond what I thought "confidence" meant. With more love than ever before, Chuck

Hello Jan: . . . I am glad that you have this knowledge to share and the peaceful and sometimes childlike expression of joy in the work that you do. See you soon, Jeff

Jan is highly skilled in both white and red tantra. Her sessions combine elements of both, so body, mind, and spirit are all engaged and learning. She is a wonderful, intuitive teacher. She teaches with modeling as well as explanation: she participates as she instructs, to make the lesson more immediate and more memorable. Jan has a magical ability to guide the session as the energy between her and her student builds - she always seems to know just what to do next. I have been absolutely delighted with every session I've had with her. --Mike

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